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And we're off! 17.12.2015
Shot down in Paris, and Geneva is fogged in. 18.12.2015
Wow.....what a day 19.12.2015
On through the rain...... 20.12.2015
I saw the Matterhorn and it ain't at Disney 21.12.2015
Life is about the changes..... 22.12.2015
Battling villains and hanging out with Bond girls 23.12.2015
A different view, from a different mountain 24.12.2015
Movin' on...... 25.12.2015
Joggers in the death strip...... 26.12.2015
Worn out and worn down. We walked a lot! 27.12.2015
Those who do not know history...... 28.12.2015
Out and about, and frozen stiff! 30.12.2015
Out of the line of fire..... 31.12.2015
Hassled by the man, then sleeping In your own bed 02.01.2016